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Travel Expenses You May Not Be Expecting!

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Don’t let hidden expenses catch you by surprise! If you are like most travelers you have a budget for your travel.   When expenses come up that you hadn’t planned for, it can not only be surprising, it can completely blow your budget.  Beware of these common types of fees that you just might not be expecting, and make sure to include them in your budget to avoid unpleasant surprises!

  • Visa Fees If traveling abroad, check on rates for the country you are traveling to. (Examples: China – $140/person, Brazil -$160/person)
  • Departure Taxes – Charged by many countries, including popular Caribbean destinations, for your departure flight back to the US.  These taxes are not included in the ticket price, and are required to be paid in cash or by credit card before you can get your exit stamp from immigration.
  • Resort Fees – These are just lovely!  These are set fees for things you may or may not even use, like in-room coffee, wireless internet access, pool towels, gym access, and the privilege of making local calls!  Fees may be a flat fee per day, or a percentage automatically added to your room rate.  Check with your hotel or cruise line in advance!
  • Baggage Fees – These vary by airline and change frequently, so check for the most recent rates from your airline.
  • Cruise Gratuities – Not only will a set percentage be added to your bar tab, but  a  fixed “Gratuity Fee” is added by most cruise lines per day, per person to cover gratuities to the ship’s staff.  Again, don’t be caught by surprise, check with the cruise line in advance.


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